heart-filled wonders

Wonderland is a fanlisting collective by Shinju. It was on hibernation mode when it moved from Fuyumeku.net on December 2013 until it officially re-opened on October 2016.

The collective has gone through several names and locations (e.g., Harusame at fan.winter-scent.net, Cherir at cherir.snow-heart.net and Fuyumeku.net). After seeing Once Upon a Time however, I decided to go back to "roots" of fairytale-like amazement and thought, "why not wonderland?" It's ironic that out of all the Disney animated movies to pick inspiration from, the one I swore to not have anything to do with (as I've had the pleasure of being subjected to it 24/7 along with Bambi by my baby brother when he was a toddler) eventually got to me. I confess: the themes in Alice in Wonderland are, admittedly, irresistible.

I've joined fanlistings around 2004-2005 and started my own since 2006. My very first fanlisting was for Korean actor, Lee Wan (October 2006) which I closed in 2009. A complete list of all my closed/adopted out listings can be found here.

You are currently viewing version one of Wonderland which features an Oichi (Sengoku Basara) fanart drawn by Kazuaki from the Sengoku Basara Dengeki Visual & Sound Book. Image is from minitokyo, textures from feel & shizoo, while patterns are from fivepointsapart and colourlovers. The design also utilizes the 960 Grid System.

Version one is actually the intended version two of Fuyumeku.net created in July 2012 but never got around to uploading it even though the domain expired in December 2013. I started one solely for Wonderland but thought it'd be a waste to not use this so here we are.

Theme was designed in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and was hand-coded in Textmate. Theme was tested in 1680x1050 resolution under Chrome 53, Firefox 49 and Safari 10. Wonderland is happily powered by Enthusiast.