Hatsukoi, previously Irresistible, is the approved fanlisting for the Japanese actor and musician, Sakurai Sho. The site has been online since June 2007.

You are currently viewing version two of Hatsukoi. After almost a decade, this listing finally has a new layout. *bad* This design was started in April 2013, finalized in May 2016 and finally uploaded on September. It's actually the first of three attempts at a version two. In the end, I chose this one. It didn't look as bad as I thought and it was the easiest to code considering I used fancybox again, lol. Resources can be found here. Fonts utilized in Hatsukoi are: Dosis, Open Sans and Raleway and can all be found at Google Fonts. Site is powered by Enthusiast and fancybox.

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