once upon a time.

Chicanery, previously Sex Appeal, was kindly adopted from Saya last year and finally launched on July 9th 2011. Much love and thanks goes to her for adopting this subject to me. Chicanery is a noun for "trickery or deception by quibbling or sophistry."

You are currently viewing the first phase of Chicanery titled Unfold. This layout was started since last year but because of various reasons, I've only managed to finished it now x__x; So really lots of thanks to Saya for being ever so patient ;~;*clings* All images in the design were found at Minitokyo and stock.xchng while textures and other resources can be found here. Theme was designed in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and hand-coded in Textmate. Site is powered by Enthusiast and fancybox.


affiliates connected with chicanery.

If you're interested in affiliating with Chicanery, feel free to message me. Only Japanese (general) subjects and Asian mythology only. Thank you.